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  Success Story: Saddle Creek
Providing best-in-class goods movement is our specialty.
Offer integrated solutions. Provide best-in-class service. Add a 100% commitment to support customer green initiatives, and you have the business principals that make Saddle Creek Logistics Services a model of supply chain success.

Saddle Creek is a nationwide third-party logistics (3PL) company that provides warehousing, transportation, contract packaging and fulfillment services. Founded in 1966, it now operates in 28 U.S. locations and maintains 14 million square feet of warehouse space. The company's trucking arm, Saddle Creek Transportation, offers for-hire consumer goods transport and delivery services, and deploys a fleet of 350 heavy-duty over-the-road trucks. To offer an environmentally friendly transportation solution for goods movement shippers, Saddle Creek is moving actively to transition its diesel fleet to new state-of-the-art trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

At its Lakeland, Florida headquarters, Saddle Creek has opened a $2.2 million CNG fueling facility designed to support up to 120 of its CNG trucks daily. It is equipped with four fast-fill pumps that offer the flexibility to fuel on demand as well as 20 time-fill dispensers.
The facility is a first for Florida's for-hire truck fleets, and the exclusive fuel source for Saddle Creek's local CNG fleet.

"Our station was built and is operated by Clean Energy, the leading company for CNG site development in the country," said Mike DelBovo, President, Saddle Creek Transportation.
Cleaner than diesel, CNG produces up to 23% less greenhouse gas emissions in medium-to heavy-duty vehicles. CNG fuel consistently costs up to $1.50 less per gallon than diesel. In addition, the United States has abundant reserves of natural gas.

"By using CNG, you can reduce your carbon footprint, stabilize fuel costs, and utilize a non-interruptible domestic fuel supply," DelBovo said. "And you get the added bonus of trucks that run much quieter than diesel models. We operate 24 hours a day making deliveries out in the community, so noise reduction is an important performance goal for us."

Response by customers to Saddle Creek's clean fuel transition program is decidedly positive. "They are excited to be part of this movement. They want signage on the trucks that show they are doing their share for cleaner air," DelBovo said.

"We're proud to be recognized for our green initiatives and eager to continue supporting our customers' corporate sustainability programs. It's exciting to imagine the potential when we work together to invest in the future."

— Mike DelBovo
  President, Saddle Creek Transportation
. "

For a responsible logistics company, it's all about what
makes the most sense for
our customers."

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