Say hello to a zero emission solution. Wave goodbye to high fuel costs.

When you pair the cleanest fuel in the world with the cleanest engine technology, you get a real zero emissions solution you can put on the road today.

Our solution combines Cummins Westport’s new natural gas engines with Clean Energy’s Redeem renewable natural gas to achieve the lowest emissions levels in North America. And for a limited time, qualifying heavy-duty trucks will be eligible to purchase Redeem in California for only $1 per gallon.

It’s ultra-clean. It’s renewable. It’s American-made.
And for the next 12 months it’s a dollar a gallon.

Heavy-duty truck fleets are under increasing pressure to meet strict emissions standards, which is why Clean Energy is introducing our Redeem Dollar Deal program to help customers switch to a zero emissions solution. The first 250 qualifying trucks will be able to lock in a $1 per gallon rate on Redeem renewable natural gas for one year, available at all Clean Energy stations throughout California. Contact Clean Energy today at: 949.437.9064 and ask to learn more about our Redeem Dollar Deal program.

Zero Emissions NOW
The New Standard
After several studies linking poor air quality and health problems to diesel emissions, many large cities around the world have set dates to restrict or entirely ban the use of diesel to meet obligations under the Paris climate agreement.

Cities in the United States are now taking similar action, especially in densely populated areas, busy ports and trucking corridors, which suffer the nation’s worst air quality.

Responsible fleet owners and shippers now have an easy alternative to also meet the optional Low NOx Standards of 0.02g NOx set by the California Air Resources Board (ARB), which are 90% lower than current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standard.

Maximum Power Zero Emissions

The ZERO NOW solution delivers the power, torque, performance and efficiency heavy-duty fleet owners and truckers need at a substantially lower cost than electric and with zero emissions unachievable by diesel.
The ZERO NOW solution is powered by an engine that features next generation technology that improves reliability and durability. Manufactured by Cummins Westport, the Near Zero engine recirculates exhaust gases back to engine cylinders, while the closed crankcase ventilation system eliminates crankcase emissions.

Learn more about Cummins Westport’s Near Zero natural gas engines: B6.7N, L9N and ISX12N.

Redeem Renewable Natural Gas

The ZERO NOW solution is fueled by Redeem by Clean Energy. The first renewable natural gas made entirely from organic waste for commercial vehicle fuel.

To make Redeem, Clean Energy captures and extracts biomethane gas that is released into the atmosphere as organic waste decomposes. Major sources of naturally-occurring methane gas are landfills and farms with animal waste. Next, the gas is processed and purified. Then it is made available exclusively to Clean Energy customers at fueling stations nationwide.

Redeem fuels hundreds of vehicle fleets across the nation every day. Any natural gas vehicle from a taxi to an 18-wheeler can use Redeem in either CNG or LNG form. Redeem can meet 100% of the fueling requirements of any natural gas vehicle.