By Andrew Littlefair on

You’ve done the analysis: the fuel cost savings and environmental benefits of natural gas fuel pencil out—now what do you have to do to your maintenance facility to accommodate natural gas vehicles?  We’ve helped heavy-duty truck fleets like Kroger and transit fleets like Jacksonville Transportation Authority answer that question and make the modifications necessary.  Here are four common questions our in-house team of engineers has heard while helping customers bring their facilities into code-compliance for NGVs.

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1. How much does it cost?

The most common mistake we see if over-engineering (doing something not required by the code) which will cost you money. Experienced providers offer cost effective, value engineering based approaches that will help reduce costs so you hit ROI quicker.

2. Do I have to do this?

In a word: Yes. All natural gas vehicle (NGV) maintenance and repair garages are required to comply with applicable codes, just like your existing operational facilities.

3. What if the vehicle is only indoors for a couple of hours?

Doesn’t matter. There is no minimum indoor time that waives the required code-compliant modifications. You don’t cut corners elsewhere in your business, don’t start here.

4. Can we work on vehicles outside?

In some part of the country, yes. But, bad weather can sideline your vehicles when you might need them the most, as we’ve seen in the winter.