By Andrew Littlefair on

In the past few months, teams of co-workers from Newport Beach walked to Maine, Massachusetts, and Indiana. At least that was the distance generated in steps walked by participants in the 10K-A-Day pilot wellness program completed by the workforce at Clean Energy. Moreover, the individual who logged the most steps at 2,067,000 walked some 900 miles, enough to get to Portland, OR.

Clean Energy initiated the pilot wellness program to emphasize the importance of walking every day for good physical and mental health. It began on April 30 with 98 registrants, many armed with company-issued FitBits® to help track steps through an online application, where participants could view progress on a leaderboard.

Clean Energy President and CEO Andrew J. Littlefair Congratulates 10K-A-Day participants. An avid walker himself, Littlefair participated in the program in ranked in the top 20.

The competition spurred the formation of teams, with names like “Holy Walkamolies,” “Hot Steppers,” and “CERF Cowabunga” which started a friendly rivalry among co-workers and sparked watercooler conversations about fitness, eating well, milestones, and methodologies. The goal was to walk 10K steps per day, and if that was achieved, everyone who did would receive a bonus token.

Fitness store Road Runner Sports Costa Mesa stepped in as a corporate partner, issuing gift certificates both at the half-way mark and end of the program.

During the 12-week program Clean Energy participants walked a collective 87,220,313 steps or 41,297 miles. There were 13 individuals that walked both a minimum of 10k steps each day and exceeded one million steps, and another 22 that surpassed one million steps. The top three individual winners were Wendy Camacho, Kellie Hubert, and Beckie Hatfield. The top-ranking teams were The Cool Team, Happy Feet, and Walk On.

The success of the Newport Beach pilot program has sparked discussions about expanding 10k-A-Day to Clean Energy employees throughout the U.S. and Canada. Those who participated in the initial launch report health benefits including weight loss, increased energy and muscle tone, and improved strength, as well as motivating spouses and other family members.

“[Before the pilot wellness program] my exercise program was non-existent, said Barbara A. Johnson, vice president, Clean Energy. “With 10K-A-Day, I am walking over 10,000 steps a day every day, have reduced my cholesterol 50 points, and went down one dress size. I am energetic and strong thanks to 10K-A-Day!”

Clean Energy has a long history of dedication to the health and wellness of its workforce. “One of the key reasons we selected MacArthur Court when we moved from Seal Beach was that this property had a new, onsite fitness center,” said Johnson. “We had our own fitness center in Seal Beach (PACE) and wanted to be sure that our employees enjoyed the same level of wellness opportunity at our physical work location.”