By Lacy Buckingham on

By many measures, Texas is a natural gas fuel success story.  According to the Railroad Commission of Texas the 77 public and 53 private natural gas stations in the Lone Star State fuel some 7,200 natural gas vehicles (NGVs).  Since September 2014 this growing number of NGVs consumed double the amount of natural gas fuel compared to the same period in 2013.  A significant contributor to this success has been the state’s prudent use of grants to encourage infrastructure development and NGVs hitting the road.  The UTSA Institute for Economic Development recently released research showing that the three grant programs administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) generated $128 million in economic impact while helping the state achieve such impressive progress in the use of clean burning natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Clean Energy’s grants team has actively worked with the TCEQ to help fund and open stations while helping customers secure grants for their growing natural gas fleets.  In fact, Clean Energy helped secure 1/3rd of all grants awarded from 2012-2014.  Moreover, roughly 45% of the NGVs funded by the grants during this time were funded by grants Clean Energy helped secure for its customers.  Here’s a look at the numbers: