What Do Drivers Say About Today’s Natural Gas Trucks?

By Raleigh Gerber

We captured feedback from drivers in the near-zero RNG truck demonstration project. The technology has come a long way since the first units deployed 10 years ago. Drivers give RNG trucks a big “thumbs up”. See what drivers have to say in the videos below. Enjoy!

Truck Drivers Like the Performance of RNG Trucks
Near-zero natural gas trucks are great for the environment, but can they hold up to the demanding business of port trucking? Watch what real port truck drivers have to say about the performance of today’s natural gas trucks.


Truck Drivers Prefer RNG Trucks Over Diesel
Can a near-zero natural gas truck powered by RNG really be better than a diesel truck? Watch what real port truck drivers have to say.


Truck Drivers Like Helping the Environment with RNG Trucks
Real port truck drivers share their views on helping the environment by fighting air and climate pollution with near-zero natural gas trucks powered by RNG.


Truck Drivers Like Fueling RNG Trucks
What is it like to fuel a near-zero natural gas truck? Real port truck drivers share their story.