Is Renewable Natural Gas a Fossil Fuel?

Reprinted courtesy of ACT News By Todd Campbell Chairman of the Board of Directors, CNGVP Vice President, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Clean Energy Is natural gas renewable? What is renewable natural gas? Is renewable natural gas a fossil fuel? To those of us in the industry, these questions may sound like no-brainers. However, I … Continued

California Voters Support Immediate Near-Zero Solution to Improve Air Quality

California voters living in areas impacted by pollution from commercial vehicles are in favor of immediately deploying near-zero heavy-duty trucks to combat harmful emissions and will look to a zero-emission solution once it’s ready to deploy on a larger scale. A survey commissioned by the Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) found that an overwhelming 90 … Continued

White Paper: Emissions and Global Warming

Climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gases have become a source of consternation for cities and nations around the globe. Scientists have determined that carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles are the primary source, but the metrics used to measure them can differ widely. Emission metrics are critical for governments, companies, and individuals looking to quantify … Continued

Clean Energy Helps City of Red Deer Buses Go Green, Keep Rolling

Following a 2014 study of green initiatives, the City of Red Deer decided to move its bus fleet away from diesel fuel to compressed natural gas (CNG). The municipality chose CNG buses over all other bus alternatives due to their financial, operational, environmental, public health, and mobility benefits. This fleet transition included designing, building, and … Continued

The Road to Zero Emissions Now

The transportation and logistics industry is essential to the quality lifestyle Americans enjoy. But it is also the largest user of dirty diesel in the nation, producing over 50 percent of the nitrogen oxide emissions in the United States. Trucking alone produces over 25 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions, and studies show that air … Continued

Here’s How Los Angeles Can Achieve Cleaner Air Quickly

Residents of metro Los Angeles woke up this week to what unfortunately has become all too regular news. Once again, the air we breathe was rated by the American Lung Association as the dirtiest and most ozone-polluted in the country. This news was not lost on those of us who have been advocating for a … Continued

The New Gold Standard Is Set for Low NOx Engines

Cummins Westport (CWI) announced in January that the ISX12N engine is CARB-certified to an astounding 0.02 g/bhp-hr NOx. The actual emissions performance is a miniscule 0.01 as shown on the CARB certification form. The 0.02 emissions level is considered by air regulators to be equivalent to the emissions from a battery truck that is powered … Continued

Game Changer, Revolutionizing Clean Transportation

Did you know that Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks are often the single largest source of dangerous smog forming emission in metropolitan areas? What if we could replace all the Heavy Duty Trucks on the road with ones with nearly zero emissions? Learn more about the engine and technology that is a Game Changer in the … Continued

Fleet Management System for Time-Fill Fleets

Accurate tracking of fuel usage in time-fill vehicles has long been a challenge for Fleet Managers.  While time-fill, used most often for fleets that can park in the same location each night, has many advantages such as smaller compression equipment, reduction of fuelers, simultaneous vehicle fueling and fuller fills, however, the ability of a fleet … Continued

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