Natural Gas: The Safest Cooking Fuel for Mobile Food Fleets

Today, Move Systems announced a pilot program in which 500 of their MRV100 Hybrid food carts will be provided to vendors across New York City, including 100 reserved for disabled veterans.  Complete with solar panels, CNG and rechargeable batteries, these state-of-the-art carts will allow mobile food vendors to save money on fuel, increase their revenues, … Continued

3 Reasons Natural Gas Fuel Prices are Inexpensive and Predictable

One look at historical prices for natural gas vehicle fuel compared to gasoline, diesel and propane and two pronounced trends are immediately apparent: natural gas fuel prices are consistently less-expensive and less volatile. Three main reasons drive these trends. 1. The overwhelming abundance of natural gas in North America.  According to EIA’s August 2014 Natural … Continued

Realizing America’s Competitive Advantage with Natural Gas for Transportation

In the hyper-competitive world we live in, companies are constantly looking for an innovation or an approach that will offer them a market advantage over their competitors, both foreign and domestic.  For years – and much to the dismay of large segments of this nation’s heavy manufacturing sector – we witnessed this very phenomenon as … Continued

Beating Today’s Transit Challenges with Green Transportation

Across the nation, a set of trends is converging that has left many metropolitan transit authorities facing bigger challenges than ever before. One of these convergences is the fact that in many cities public transit ridership have risen to an all-time high at the very time that fuel costs have stretched budgets to the breaking point. This … Continued

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