The Port of Los Angeles Explores Cleaner Terminal Solutions with Redeem™

Clean Energy is set to fuel 20 ultralow-NOx yard tractors with Redeem™ renewable liquified natural gas (RLNG) at the Port of Los Angeles for a demonstration by the California Energy Commission (CEC) that will examine clean fuel alternatives. The largest port in the country, the Port of Los Angeles was awarded a $5.8 million state … Continued

Clean Energy Commends CARB on Recommendations for Los Angeles Port Complex

Clean Energy applauds the California Air Resources Board for encouraging the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach to set emission standards for clean trucks under the Clean Air Action Plan. This includes encouraging emissions reductions with incentives that would recognize low-NOx trucks from conventional combustion engines and reward the use of clean … Continued

RNG: A Giant Step Forward for NYC

Comments by Joanna D. Underwood, founder, Energy Vision on the opening of Clean Energy’s Hunts Point Refueling Station in the South Bronx, NY This is no ordinary refueling station. It’s a giant step forward for the City and the country in addressing climate change and getting rid of the public health hazards of diesel exhaust. … Continued

Clean Energy Furthers Sustainability Goals with Transition to 100% Renewable Power

As the leading supplier of renewable natural gas (RNG) in North America, Clean Energy helps customers meet sustainability goals by replacing diesel fuel with clean natural gas. When the wholesale power supplier that provided electricity for Clean Energy’s natural gas fueling stations across Texas discontinued operating in the ERCOT region, Clean Energy was presented with … Continued

1 Million Gallons and Counting…City of Chesapeake Keeps the CNG Flowing

A journey that started in September 2012 advanced this week when the City of Chesapeake, VA pumped its millionth gallon of compressed natural gas (CNG) into its city’s fleet vehicles. What began as six trucks running on Clean Energy’s diesel-alternative fuel has grown to a fleet of 50 CNG solid waste trucks now in service. … Continued

Near-Zero Emission Trucks Deployed in Busiest Port Complex

Reprinted courtesy of ACT News By Todd Campbell Chairman of the Board of Directors, CNGVP Vice President, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Clean Energy The air is getting cleaner in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, thanks to the efforts of six progressive harbor trucking firms that are demonstrating we can slash transportation emissions … Continued

California Voters Support Immediate Near-Zero Solution to Improve Air Quality

California voters living in areas impacted by pollution from commercial vehicles are in favor of immediately deploying near-zero heavy-duty trucks to combat harmful emissions and will look to a zero-emission solution once it’s ready to deploy on a larger scale. A survey commissioned by the Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) found that an overwhelming 90 … Continued

Natural Gas Buses – A Cost, Operational and Environmental Alternative

More Canadian cities are transitioning their public transportation fleets away from diesel-powered buses and opting for transit vehicles fueled by natural gas, a trend that is gaining momentum across North America and worldwide. This is due in part to government regulations that mandate a reduction in nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gas emissions that harm air quality, as well as a heightened … Continued

Clean Energy Fueling Partner Dekalb County Named #1 Fleet in North America, Awarded Outstanding Achievement in Public Fleet Management

The DeKalb County, GA Fleet Management Department, which is fueled and maintained by Clean Energy, was ranked #1 by “The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas™” out of 38,000 public fleets in North America. DeKalb County was also awarded a FLEXY (Fleet Excellence Award) for “Outstanding Achievement in Public Fleet Management” from the NAFA Fleet … Continued

Clean Energy Awarded $2.8 Million Design & Build Contract

One of the many benefits of operating the nation’s largest network of natural gas fueling stations, is the wealth of experience our employees have gained in designing and building them. And that experience was recently recognized by the awarding of another station build contract. Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA), which services communities in Portage … Continued

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