Facility Modification Services—Providing Custom Solutions for your Fleet

Transit agencies, shippers and fleets around North America understand the environmental and economic benefits behind using natural gas as a fueling solution. Even as diesel prices slowly begin to rise after hitting all-time lows, transportation leaders like UPS, Dillon Transport, Waste Management and New Jersey Transit continue to convert their operations to natural gas in … Continued

Fleet Management System for Time-Fill Fleets

Accurate tracking of fuel usage in time-fill vehicles has long been a challenge for Fleet Managers.  While time-fill, used most often for fleets that can park in the same location each night, has many advantages such as smaller compression equipment, reduction of fuelers, simultaneous vehicle fueling and fuller fills, however, the ability of a fleet … Continued

Kansas City Region Leads Way to Cleaner Transportation Era

Along with an American League Championship won by our beloved Royals, Kansas City has delivered yet another victory for the citizens of the region; this time in the category of green transportation. As chairman of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) Board of Commissioners, I am especially proud of the City of Kansas City for … Continued

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