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An Inside Look at the Evolution of CleanCNG™

By Clean Energy Compression

In early 2014, when a team of engineers from Clean Energy Compression’s Research and Development group was challenged to decrease engineering lead times and improve efficiencies in their product line, they never imagined that by going back to the basics they’d revolutionize natural gas compression technology. By focusing on creating a modular system and introducing standardization across the entire spectrum of service needs, the engineers knew their new product could be quickly adaptable to a variety of customers while offering unparalleled performance.

“We knew we wanted to retain the proven elements of our non-lubricated CNG Compressor block, but beyond that everything was on the table and we really challenged ourselves to rethink every aspect of design.”


Tamas Josza, Director of Engineering

Moving Forward Means Challenging Convention

By using this approach, the engineers were left free to question everything from service bay accessibility, to the location of meters and even placement of vents. And while initially these small improvements didn’t seem to have any major impact on capital costs, when the realized efficiencies across the service life of the unit were added up, the CleanCNG™ became an even more cost-efficient compressor.

The current industry paradigm that compressors must be custom built for each customer drives up the cost and delivery time, decreases reliability of parts and service turnarounds, and virtually ensures that upgrading capacity will be very costly and require significant engineering work.

The CleanCNG™ standardized units are pre-engineered to meet the demands of a vast majority of global markets and requirements with no additional engineering. This means faster, more affordable delivery.

Standardized kits also allow for quick and easy adaptations to the full range of inlet pressures (15 different kits) without re-engineering. As well as:

  • Faster ordering
  • Reduced engineering time and cost
  • More predictable performance and continuous improvement
  • Faster parts ordering
  • Simpler scalability & interconnectivity

CleanCNG Compressor Skid Line Drawing

Decreased Maintenance Time, Increased Productivity

CleanCNG™ reduces technician time by over 13,000 hours during the lifetime of the compressor. This is achieved by a number of aspects including:

  1. Easier access with large internal walkway and no extraneous part removals to access common areas.
  2. 360 degree external access with removable panels gives 360 degree direct access to all components
  3. Internal crane & track reduces need for the lifting of heavy components and increases the speed of removal and replacement significantly.
  4. Advanced SCADA remote monitoring for more aspects of compressor performance ensures that required maintenance downtime can be better forecasted and reduces the need for on-site inspections.


Lowest Noise and Vibration in the Industry

And as if these revolutionary improvements weren’t enough, the CleanCNG™ still maintains low noise levels of 75dba at 10 feet (3 meters), about the same level as a household vacuum cleaner. It is one of the only compressors in the world that can meet all noise requirements in current global markets without additional noise attenuation panels or walls.

The CleanCNG™ natural gas compressor also delivers industry leading, ultra-low system vibration that exceeds API 618 standards. CleanCNG™ runs so smoothly that a Canadian one dollar coin can be balanced on its edge on a 250 HP, unanchored compressor running on a gravel pad.

Step in to the Future of CNG Compression

Regardless of the application or the location, the CleanCNG™ with its industry-leading characteristics such as low-noise and low-vibration is available to fulfill any compression need. And the modular design combined with the scalable application, will allow the CleanCNG™ to ensure those needs are met not just today, but well into the future.


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