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Chicago’s Testa Produce Freshens Up their Delivery Fleet

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Protecting the earth and its resources isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a wise investment for wholesale food distributor Testa Produce. That’s why converting to CNG-powered delivery trucks was a no-brainer.

For over 100 years Testa has provided foodservice to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, country clubs, sports venues and catering services across the Chicago area. And in recent years, this family-owned business has stepped up as an award-winning trendsetter in sustainable business practices.

“The commitment to become more eco-friendly with our delivery fleet can not just be made on economic factors alone. You must be aware of the environment and remember to do your part to preserve the planet; No matter how small the contribution it all helps. We breathe the air to sustain life what happens when we can’t do that?”

-Peter Testa, President

Greener than Green

Driven by the vision of president Peter Testa, the company stands by the motto “Green by Nature, Greener by Choice.” The company is committed to find the most sustainable way to operate in every part of their business today, and improving it into the future.

In 2011 Testa built the first LEED® Platinum-certified distribution center in the U.S. Among its virtues, the state-of-the-art facility boasts a wind turbine, green roof and water-harvesting system. This 91,300 square foot commitment to sustainability not only raised the bar for Testa but for the entire foodservice distribution industry.

Converting Delivery Fleet to CNG, Naturally

“With a LEED Platinum building, it made no sense to deliver fresh produce using diesel trucks that pollute the air,” says Barbara Daly, Facilities, and Quality Assurance Manager. “The CNG trucks are quiet, they don’t emit fumes and don’t have diesel particulates. The drivers love them. The first round of CNG conversion worked out so well that we decided to convert our whole fleet.”

After failed trials with electric and biodiesel vehicles, Testa decided to lease a few CNG trucks in 2013. Today 29 of Testa’s 52 delivery trucks are fueled by CNG and its full fleet will be CNG-powered by 2019. By phasing out its biodiesel trucks, the company will continue to lower its carbon footprint and move closer to its goal of zero dependence on foreign oil by 2020.

Consider the Bar Raised

Testa’s conversion to CNG is already making an impact. In 2015, the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition honored the company with the Clean Fuel Champion award for displacing 700,000 gallons of diesel fuel since its CNG delivery trucks went into operation.

“The Clean Energy team was instrumental in the conversion,” says Daly. “From assisting with fueling station options to helping create an infrastructure for truck maintenance. And securing grant money. So many companies don’t realize that there is money out there to help you get started with CNG.”

In a few short years, this family-owned business has emerged as a leader within the foodservice distribution industry. With a long-term vision and commitment to sustainability, Testa proves that you don’t need to be a corporate giant to make a big impact.