Customer Success Stories

FedEx Ground Service Provider Delivers Dreams with CNG 

Gaining Customer & Community Support

Reducing Emissions/Footprint

Expanding Business w/ a Competitive Edge

Running Cleaner For Drivers

With the online shopping boom showing no signs of slowing down, home delivery is understandably the fastest growing specialty of the transportation industry. Owner Monica Clark has seen this firsthand with the success of her business Dream Team Deliveries.

Dream Team Deliveries became a FedEx Ground contracted service provider in 2000 serving the Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. Thanks to the steady growth of the delivery industry and a strategic decision to become a recognized pickup and delivery business, the Dream Team’s business has expanded tremendously over the past 15 years. Their fleet of 28 delivery trucks hits the road every morning delivering goods (and packages) to their growing network of customers throughout the Dallas area including: Garland, Desoto, Red Oak, Ennis, Palmer, Fate, Ovilla, Ferris, Lancaster, Rowlett, Rockwall, and Royse City.

“It seemed like a great chance to do our part to help the environment and America’s energy independence,”

– Monica Clark, Owner of Dream Team Deliveries

To keep up with increasing demand and manage costs, Clark began research on fueling her fleet with natural gas. These business goals, along with her desire to enhance customer service and operations for Dream Team Deliveries, led her decision to purchase two Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-fueled delivery vehicles at auction.

The first time she filled up one of the new vans, Clark met a Clean Energy Fuels representative who was visiting the same station. They got to talking, and Clark welcomed an impromptu session on how to use a CNG dispenser. Soon after this serendipitous encounter, Dream Team Deliveries and Clean Energy became fueling partners.

Today Clark is happy to report the conversion to natural gas fuel produced a number of benefits for Dream Team Deliveries.

  • The CNG vans require less maintenance improving Dream Team’s uptime.
  • Dream Team Deliveries’ drivers enjoy the absence of diesel fuel odor on their clothes.
  • The company started saving money on fuel costs immediately by fueling with price-stable CNG.
  • Dallas area communities appreciate the cleaner, quieter deliveries with CNG-fueled fleets.

Although Dream Team Deliveries is just starting out with CNG but Monica Clark has no doubt that cheaper, cleaner fuel represents the future for her business and the industry. She looks forward to adding more CNG vehicles to the fleet as her existing diesel trucks are phased out and notes that the new vehicles will offer more cargo space to accommodate the rising demand for deliveries. Doing the right thing for the business and the environment is a win-win, and Dream Team Deliveries is setting an example inspiring other businesses to take notice.