Customer Success Stories

Neapolitan Express Leads a Food Truck Fuel Revolution

Operational Cost Savings 50%

Winning Customers & City Support

Expanding Business

Running Cleaner & Safer

The restaurant business is extremely competitive. When you add to that a New York City location where competition is rarely more than fifty feet away, restaurateurs must work hard to achieve the ultimate goal: satisfied, returning customers, whether they are seated in a building or on-the-go, walking down a city sidewalk.

“Food trucks are mobile restaurants,” says Max Crespo, owner of Neapolitan Express Pizza. “The great thing about food trucks is that they go to where the people are.” While this relatively new operational model solves the problem of getting a food brand in front of customers, it also creates new, more difficult challenges. All restaurants need to cook cleanly and safely while offering quality food that customers will want. But how do you do all that from a truck?

Switching from Dangerous Propane Tanks

Neapolitan Express’s first truck had a propane-fueled oven. Despite the smell and other inefficiencies, customers lined up for the pizza. “There’s a business here,” Crespo realized. “We just have to figure out how to make it work for the customers and for the environment.”

“Natural gas has lowered my energy bill by close to 50%,” says Crespo.

With food trucks, it’s not just about fuel that powers the vehicle, but the ovens inside as well. Between fire hazards and fumes, fuels like gasoline and propane are just too dangerous. In addition, the pollution created by those fuels is at fundamental odds with food preparation. Natural gas was the clear choice. “It’s the only fuel that works,” says Crespo. He emphatically declares that today’s Neapolitan Express “wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Clean Energy® and natural gas.”

Customers & Employees Appreciate Safer, Cleaner Trucks

Clean Energy has pioneered the best alternative fuel for the fast-growing food truck industry, and Neapolitan Express stands out as a perfect example of how the model can exceed expectations and truly wow customers. Neapolitan Express prides itself on its environmentally conscious philosophy. Clean-burning natural gas fuel is a big reason for customers’enjoyment — they taste the delicious pizza without smelling diesel fumes. “People … legitimately care about what they are putting into their bodies,” says Crespo, “and how their food is prepared.”

Efficiencies Lead to Business Expansion

Like the appearance put forth to the public, the savings for the business are real and immediate, literally measurable at every fill-up. “Natural gas has lowered my energy bill by close to 50%,” says Crespo. Savings like these have allowed the company to focus on product quality and grow in many different ways, including: more trucks on the road and expanding to natural gas fueled food carts, and plans are underway to franchise the Neapolitan Express brand across the country.

There is no underestimating the power of what an eco-friendly reputation can offer any food truck business. Neapolitan Express sees its customers return again and again for good food made by a good, socially conscious, forward-thinking company.

As Crespo points out: “Every overnight success takes ten years to build.” In addition to patience and determination, partnering with the right people and the right companies is essential for success. The fueling system provided by Clean Energy has created an unparalleled enhancement for the business operations of Neapolitan Express. As a result, Neapolitan Express customers are not only smiling about their great pizzas, but also about the company that makes them. And that is the definition of success.