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Saddle Creek Delivers Sustainability & Customer Savings

Saving Up To $1.50 Per Gallon

Reducing Emissions By 23%

Expanding Business

Helping Customers Meet Sustainability Goals

Founded in 1996, Saddle Creek Logistics Services is a leader in supply-chain logistics whose services include warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation of products and goods for its diverse set of shipper customers. Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, Saddle Creek operates 41 locations nationwide, effectively carrying goods in every state with a fleet of over 500 heavy-duty trucks.

It was in this arena that Saddle Creek decided to put its best, sustainable foot forward and begin converting its truck fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas. And because Saddle Creek’s business is to provide trucking to other businesses, the switch to CNG has put them in a key, leadership position in the logistics industry.

A Change for the Better

For years, Saddle Creek recognized the shortcomings and downsides to operating a diesel-fueled truck fleet, but there just wasn’t much choice. When alternative fuel solutions became viable options, Saddle Creek was one of the earliest adopters in the industry, displaying a keen environmental consciousness as part of their overall business philosophy. “Sustainability is a core strategy at Saddle Creek. We opted to transition our truck fleets to natural gas power to help our customers secure the benefits of this clean, cost-efficient, abundant domestic fuel,” says Mike DelBovo, Saddle Creek’s Transportation President.

After exploring the alternative fuel options available, Saddle Creek chose natural gas and a partnership with Clean Energy® as the best fit for their expanding business. Because there were no public filling stations in the area, Saddle Creek’s investment included not only trucks, but also their own onsite station designed, built, and managed by Clean Energy.

Even the unique challenges of Florida’s unpredictable weather hasn’t slowed the growth of this dynamic company. When lightning struck one of its stations, Saddle Creek relied on Clean Energy’s emergency technicians to keep the station operational so their trucks could continue on their routes and make their deliveries on time.

“Switching to CNG has opened a lot of doors for us with prospective customers. Most every company we talk to has a sustainability program.”

Benefits by the Numbers

By switching to natural gas fuel, Saddle Creek realized many benefits. First, it saved tremendously in fuel costs, as natural gas fuel averages $1.50 less per gallon than diesel or gasoline, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Second, Saddle Creek reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 23%.

Third, Saddle Creek’s CNG fleet has become a neighborhood favorite out on the road. “…(You) get the added bonus of trucks that run much quieter than diesel models,” says DelBovo. “We operate 24 hours a day making deliveries out in the community, so noise reduction is an important performance goal for us.”

Building on a Winning Reputation

Saddle Creek’s commitment to natural gas fuel has also reaped significant business benefits. “The CNG project has elevated us as a leader in transportation logistics,” says Tom Collins, Director of Marketing for Saddle Creek. Saddle Creek is now known as a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious company, and a reputation like that attracts more business. So when shippers are looking for a trucking partner, Saddle Creek, a company that surpasses most sustainability goals, is an easy choice that benefits everyone.

“Our customers are excited to be part of this movement,” says DelBovo. “They want signage on the trucks that show they are doing their share for cleaner air.” But it’s more than just public relations for Saddle Creek. DelBovo adds: “We’re proud to be recognized for our green initiatives and eager to continue supporting our customers’ corporate sustainability programs. It’s exciting to imagine the potential when we work together to invest in the future.”