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Kansas City Region Leads Way to Cleaner Transportation Era

Along with an American League Championship won by our beloved Royals, Kansas City has delivered yet another victory for the citizens of the region; this time in the category of green transportation.

As chairman of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) Board of Commissioners, I am especially proud of the City of Kansas City for earning the top honor at the North American Green Fleet Awards last month. Their commitment to sustainability and their use of alternative fuel vehicles such as garbage trucks, dump trucks, vans and sedans fueled by natural gas, has gained national recognition and continues to be a positive influence on the citizens who walk and drive the streets of the Kansas City area.

The city’s growing fleet of alternative fuel vehicles operates primarily on clean, American natural gas, which means cleaner air for our community. Natural gas continues to be proven as a cleaner alternative to traditional gasoline and diesel, while significantly improving local air quality and reducing greenhouse gases.

Knowing my children and other students of Lee’s Summit are directly benefitting from cleaner fuel makes the math not only simple, but compelling for other districts.

But the benefits don’t stop there: cost savings really add up quickly given the number of miles covered by the area’s buses and fleets. Lower-cost CNG means less customer and taxpayer dollars are being spent on fuel. When you consider that CNG can be as much as $1.00 less per gallon than diesel, the numbers speak for themselves.

The KCATA conducted extensive research about which alternative fuel would be the best fit for the organization, but in the end the choice was evident. By transitioning to CNG from diesel, KCATA is expected to save roughly $500,000 in the fleet’s first year of operation and up to $4 million each year once the transition is complete.

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