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You may have heard about fleets just like yours winning new business and tremendous customer praise for hauling greener, more sustainable loads. Trusted companies like AT&T, Kroger, UPS and FedEx are fueling fleets with more economical, clean and American-made natural gas fuel to deliver goods all across North America.

We know you’re facing growing pressure to reduce fleet emissions, improve operational efficiency and cut costs wherever possible. Let us show you firsthand how clean CNG and LNG powered trucks can reduce this pressure and save your business money with Clean Energy's CNG & LNG Demo Truck Program - the industry’s only natural gas truck trial program. 

This free trial is a great way to introduce your company, fleet managers and drivers to the natural gas fueling experience without any additional costs. Apply for your demo today!

Contact your local Clean Energy Truck-Fueling Expert at 949.437.1351

Rebates will cover up to 50% of the NGV incremental cost, up to $25,000 per vehicle to offset the cost of converting, purchasing, or leasing a natural gas fleet vehicle (CNG and LNG).

Florida Natural Gas Fuel Fleet Vehicle Rebate Program

Clean Energy Florida Grant

Why Natural Gas?

Create a Green Competitive Advantage

Win customers with your commitment to saving money and the environment.

Save Money on Fuel

Save money on price-stable natural gas fuel. The more you drive, the more you save.

Meet Sustainability Goals

Meet and surpass environmental objectives.

Empower the American Economy

Natural Gas is an abundant and domestic fuel source.

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