Our Story

Clean Energy Fuels’ company growth over the decades has been marked with risk and reward, and always defined by passion. Entrepreneur and energy pioneer T. Boone Pickens and current Clean Energy President and CEO Andrew Littlefair had a vision they felt could change this country for the better.

The idea behind natural gas fuel is two-fold, and Americans hear a lot about both of its main benefits: a greener planet and energy independence. Like all paradigm-shifting ventures, Pickens’ company started relatively small and grew with consistency that proved he wasn’t just “onto something.” He was putting in motion a company that is instrumental in making the change that so many of us talk about.

  • T. Boone Pickens gets behind natural gas as a cleaner, less expensive transportation fuel, realizing its best use is to power commercial trucks that consume high volumes of diesel and gasoline.

  • T. Boone Pickens becomes Chairman of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, a national trade organization of companies dedicated to growing a sustainable and profitable NGV market.

  • Pickens’ Mesa Petroleum launches new division, Mesa Environmental. It offers natural gas conversion kits. UPS & USPS are a few of its first customers.

  • Littlefair and Pickens orchestrate a deal to open first two airport stations, stabilizing that company financially while ensuring the deployment of hundreds of new CNG vehicles.

    Warren Mitchell, Chairman of Southern California Gas Company, succeeds Pickens as chairman of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.

  • Pickens and Littlefair spin off a natural gas fueling business from Mesa Petroleum – 3 fueling stations, 1 employee and a repair truck. The new company is named Pickens Fuel Corp.

  • Pickens Fuel Corp., forerunner of Clean Energy Fuels, opens doors in Seal Beach, CA. Pickens Fuel Corp buys SoCal Gas Company’s 33 natural gas fueling stations for $3.6 million.

    During the second half of the year, Pickens Fuel Corp. sells the equivalent of 2 million (GGEs) gallons of gasoline in natural gas fuel.

  • Pickens Fuel Corp. sells 5 million GGEs of natural gas.


  • With $3.5 million of his own money invested in the company, Pickens sells 75% of Pickens Fuel Corp. to BC Gas for $21 million. The company name is changed to Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

  • Clean Energy acquires more natural gas fueling stations from TXU Corporation and Blue Energy, a spin-off of Public Service Company of Colorado.

  • Led by Pickens, Clean Energy takes positions on natural gas futures and generates $40 million in revenue, which is used primarily for company overhead.

  • Pickens repurchases entire stake from BC Gas for $43 million.

  • Clean Energy Fuels goes public on May 25 (NASDAQ: CLNE), raising $138 million.

  • Clean Energy acquires natural gas vehicle conversion company BAF Technologies.

  • Clean Energy signs partnership with the largest truck-stop operator Pilot/Flying J and begins creating of America’s Natural Gas Highway™, the first nationwide network of natural gas fueling stations.

    Clean Energy acquires NorthStar and IMW industries, virtually integrating its LNG & CNG technological capabilities.

  • Partnership established with Mansfield Energy Corp., the largest private fuel provider in the nation.

    Clean Energy launches “Redeem” renewable natural gas. Sells 14 million GGEs of RNG, over three times the cellulosic biofuel that the EPA projected would be produced by the entire industry nationwide.

    Clean Energy sold a total of 214 million GGEs of natural gas.

  • Clean Energy and Mansfield Energy form Mansfield Clean Energy Partners (MCEP), a joint venture to provide natural gas fueling solutions to bulk fuel haulers. Clean Energy buys a majority interest in NG Advantage, a pioneer in bulk fuel sales.

  • Clean Energy renames subsidiaries IMW, NorthStar and CERF to Clean Energy Compression, Clean Energy Cryogenics and Clean Energy Renewables.

    Redeem sales top 50 million GGEs

  • Clean Energy sells upstream RNG business to BP, signs long-term RNG supply agreement.

    Clean Energy combines its compressor manufacturing business with Landi Renzo’s SAFE compressor company, forming a leading global business offering a wide product offering in every corner of the world.

  • Clean Energy operates over 530 natural gas fueling stations in 43 states and Canada.