Clean Energy Cryogenics

A leading provider of LNG and LCNG combination fueling facilities, Clean Energy Cryogenics sets the standard from design and construction to operation and management. We have built more LNG fueling stations for vehicles than anyone else in North America. Clean Energy Cryogenics has also constructed fueling facilities for some of the world’s largest marine companies that have launched their first LNG-powered container ships and many of the country’s rail companies that are in their early stages of transitioning to LNG.

NG Advantage

NG Advantage is Clean Energy’s partner responsible for delivering the benefits of compressed natural gas to manufacturers, institutions, and utilities that either lack access to pipeline natural gas or experience supply constraints. Using its fleet of high-tech, carbon fiber tractor-trailers, natural gas is trucked to customer sites safely and reliably. The natural gas is then consumed directly from the trailers, eliminating the need for onsite storage.