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For nearly 30 years, Clean Energy has engineered, fabricated, built, and maintained natural gas fueling stations across North America. We know what it takes to transition your fleet to renewable natural gas (RNG) and how to develop a scalable solution designed to suit your operational needs, both now and into the future.

From site analysis and customized station design to modifying natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities, our in-house suite of services is unmatched in the industry.

Station Construction

Depending on your fueling needs, it may be beneficial to build your own station. We offer complete station integration services to design, construct, and commission your fueling stations and facilities.

We build both private and public stations serving all forms of RNG: compressed (CNG), liquified (LNG), or a combination of the two (LCNG).

Facility Modifications

Making cost-effective modifications to your existing maintenance and parking facilities is an essential part of switching to natural gas vehicles. Our team evaluates your need for ventilation, electrical, heating, monitoring, and detection systems, ensuring your facility will meet local and national code requirements.

We can also create a customized Facility Inspection & Testing (FIT) Service Program to assess the functionality, performance, and overall health of your system.

NGV Easy Bay

Operations and Support

We have the largest technical support team in the industry, with warehouses strategically placed throughout North America to reduce any repair or maintenance downtime. Our full-service partnership provides complete station and equipment management, including remote, round-the-clock monitoring; regular safety and quality inspections; preventative maintenance; timely, expert repair; and 24/7 support.

Touchpoint Customer Care

We’ve partnered with the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi)© to develop a comprehensive customer care program for fleet managers, supervisors and technicians that includes a solid training platform and ensures all details are properly coordinated for a successful vehicle launch and beyond.

LNG Bulk Fuel and Equipment

Clean Energy owns two liquified natural gas (LNG) production plants with some of the largest storage tanks in the country. Our LNG boasts 96–99% purity, which is especially crucial for industries like transportation, marine, and aerospace. Take advantage of volume discounts and cost-efficient transfers while leaving the logistics to our reliable in-house LNG fuel delivery management team.

Virtual Pipeline Services

NG Advantage, a Clean Energy subsidiary, will deliver compressed natural gas (CNG) to your utility, power plant, manufacturing facility or institution. A fleet of tractor-trailers transports CNG from NG Advantage’s facilities to your site. Gas is consumed directly from the trailers, eliminating the need for onsite storage.