If you need a reason to switch to renewable natural gas, we actually have ten of them.


RNG reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 300%, making it the only fuel capable of achieving negative carbon-intensity.


RNG is a domestic, stable-priced fuel, competitive with diesel. Grant funding and incentives are also available.


RNG-powered engines greatly reduce smog, with NOx levels 90% below current EPA standards.


The latest Cummins engines offer the same power, torque, and reliability of their diesel counterparts, including the new X15N.

Available Now

A robust RNG fueling infrastructure already exists, with over 600 Clean Energy stations across North America.

Less Maintenance

Unlike diesel engines, natural gas engines do not require an active after-treatment, such as a DPF or SCR.


Choose from either public fast-fill dispensers or private time-fill fueling solutions to fit the needs of your fleet and duty cycle.


Natural gas engines are considerably quieter than diesel engines, a huge benefit to both drivers and communities.


Major companies like Amazon, UPS, Waste Management, and LA Metro trust RNG to power their fleets.


Drivers and mechanics never go home smelling like diesel – a substantial improvement to their quality of life.

RNG for the long haul.

The new Cummins X15N engine is about to revolutionize the heavy-duty trucking industry. With power ratings up to 500 hp, torque up to 1850 lb-ft, and a 700+ mile range, RNG-fueled vehicles now stand on equal footing with their diesel counterparts in terms of performance, while racing ahead in sustainability.

We’re putting the X15N to the test with our 2025 Peterbilt 579 demo truck. Take it for a spin to experience firsthand whether RNG fits the needs of your operation.

What RNG fueling solution is right for you?

For nearly three decades, Clean Energy has built and maintained natural gas fueling stations across North America. We know what it takes to transition your fleet to RNG, and how to develop a scalable station designed to suit your operations, both now and into the future.

Fast-fill CNG

Fueling at a fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) station is as easy as diesel, both in terms of fueling speed and process. Clean Energy has built a robust network of public access fast-fill CNG stations across North America, nearly 200 of which are tractor-trailer friendly, and we’re constantly opening new locations to support our customers.

Time-fill CNG

Time-fill (slow-fill) CNG stations are built as private lots for customers who want to fuel their entire fleet overnight in a centralized location. Refuse, transit, and even large heavy-duty fleets often employ this solution to ensure their vehicles are ready to go each morning. Time-fill stations have significantly lower equipment and installation costs.

Get paid to switch to RNG.

Federal, state, and local grant opportunities exist to offset the cost of switching to RNG. At Clean Energy, we have a dedicated team available to help you navigate the grant application process and maximize your incentive award. We even have our own incentive programs, like the California RNG Fleet Fund, to help offset the cost of new RNG-powered vehicles.