By Andrew Littlefair on

Today, Move Systems announced a pilot program in which 500 of their MRV100 Hybrid food carts will be provided to vendors across New York City, including 100 reserved for disabled veterans.  Complete with solar panels, CNG and rechargeable batteries, these state-of-the-art carts will allow mobile food vendors to save money on fuel, increase their revenues, and have the most advanced cart on the street at no upfront cost to the vendor.

Small business owners are using a variety of technologies to fuel their mobile food trucks and carts, but not all are created equal. Together with Move Systems, we are helping fleets like New York City’s Neapolitan Express update their operations to safe, eco-friendly natural gas, making the city cleaner (and tastier) in the process.

Benefits of Natural Gas

1. Designed for Vehicles

Natural gas tanks are designed to be transported and have been certified for vehicle fleets across the country.

2. Refuels from Pump

Natural gas trucks fuel directly from the pump, while propane tanks must be swapped out by certified personnel.

3. Lower Co2 Emissions, Cleaner Air

No fumes. No pollution. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel for your fleet.

Natural Gas is the Safest

Neapolitan Express founder, Max Crespo, says it best:

“Compressed natural gas is the only fueling system that works for the mobile food industry. Period. End of Story.”