A true end-to-end solution for greenhouse gases

Transforming manure methane emissions into renewable natural gas (RNG) doesn’t just lower the carbon footprint of your farm, it also lowers the carbon footprint of the transportation fleets fueled by renewable natural gas, and the companies who hire those fleets. Plus, heavy and medium-duty vehicles powered by renewable natural gas emit virtually zero tailpipe emissions, improving air quality for all.

CE dispenser

Here's how RNG is made:

Stylized CE Logo showing the process in which RNG is made


Organic waste is collected and taken to a digester.


The digester processes the waste and captures the biogas.


The biogas is upgraded into RNG and injected into the local pipeline.

CE Stations

CE distributes the RNG to our 590 stations nationwide, including 65 in California.

The remaining digestate can be used as fertilizer and dry bedding for the farm.

Renewable natural gas production benefits your farm & local community.


  • Additional revenue
  • Organic nutrients
  • Local jobs


  • Carbon emissions
  • Odors
  • Runoff