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Energy independence and economic growth are obvious goals for nations across the world, and we know just how realistic and attainable these goals are with domestically produced natural gas fuel. Already used as a clean source of energy around the world, natural gas is abundant and proven to be a cost-saving alternative fuel.


Change is not a plan or a dream. It's already happening.
We're helping the North American transportation industry change-one station and one vehicle at a time.

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Today’s Fuel Challenge

With rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, energy independence and conservation are high priorities for nations across the world.

  • Economics:High Fuel Costs
  • Energy:Dependency on Foreign Oil
  • Environment:Harmful Greenhouse Gases

The U.S. Market: Transportation Industry Uses 50% of U.S. Gasoline & Diesel Supply

The transportation industry, including light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, moves people and goods throughout the U.S.

These vehicles account for 50% of our nation's gasoline and diesel fuel consumption, which totals over 355 million gallons each day.

And as we all know, that's a lot of carbon emissions. Gasoline and diesel fuels emit the highest levels of pollutants into the enviroment.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint with Natural Gas

Reducing our carbon footprint, the amount of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO-2) released into the atmosphere, is a worldwide priority and part of a larger plan to combat global climate change.

Natural gas provides a superior alternative to conventional fuels. Did you know switching to natural gas fuel from gasoline or diesel reduces CO-2 emissions by up to 70%?