Addressing climate change and reducing carbon has never been more urgent. The world as it exists today is, quite literally, unsustainable. We all know that moving away from diesel is better for the environment, the health of our drivers, and the air that we breathe, but transforming the way an entire industry operates is no easy task. At Clean Energy, we’ve made it our mission to do exactly that.

By 2025, our renewable natural gas will be fully zero-carbon.

Renewable natural gas is the cleanest solution available today for heavy-duty trucks. It’s accessible, affordable, and the fastest way to lower carbon emissions. By 2025, the renewable natural gas we provide at Clean Energy stations will be fully zero-carbon and it will be available at all of our stations across North America. That’s 20 years ahead of California’s own statewide goal.

The potential for renewable natural gas doesn’t just stop there. Renewable natural gas can also be used as the feedstock for alternative solutions still in development, like hydrogen and electric, which are only as green as the fuel that makes them possible. Should our customers decide to explore these alternatives in the future, we’ll be able to continue to support them by providing a renewable natural gas feedstock that is rated many times cleaner than most alternatives. We have experience building and operating hydrogen stations, and can even retrofit our current Clean Energy stations to add hydrogen.