New initiative focused on working with policymakers to reduce emissions while spurring economic growth

WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 5, 2022 – Today, a coalition of 15 transportation, agriculture, and waste management organizations issued a call to embrace renewable fuels as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

This initiative known as Moving US Forward, urges Congress to put in place a federal policy as soon as possible to incentivize the use of renewable natural gas (RNG), in accordance with a set of three guiding principles for fuel legislation. The group aims to build bipartisan support for fuel policies that will tackle climate change and reduce emissions immediately, while driving economic growth.

Moving US Forward stands for the following three principles to inform and accelerate RNG adoption:

  1. Promoting abundant, clean and renewable American energy
  2. Ensuring long-term sustainability by dramatically reducing carbon emissions
  3. Securing domestic jobs and strengthening America’s heartland

In accordance with these principles, Moving US Forward supports S.4568/H.R.9396, the Renewable Natural Gas Incentive Act of 2022. The bill would create a $1 per gallon tax credit for RNG. The credit would build on the successful alternative fuel tax credit (AFTC) that will expire in 2024. Raising the credit to $1.00 will encourage and incentivize fueling from renewable-carbon-negative sources and help eliminate the financial penalty for purchasing vehicles that run on RNG.

“The use of RNG vehicles and investment in infrastructure are critical to enabling a carbon neutral future,” said Mike Kiely, President of U.S. Government Affairs, UPS. “This legislation will help to support the use of methane-reducing RNG and encourage clean and efficient transportation while building energy security. Cleaner-burning fuel will help us reach carbon neutrality by 2050. It’s a winning solution for the logistics industry.”

“Renewable natural gas as a transportation fuel is growing in acceptance because of its ease of use, the growing availability and most importantly it reduces carbon emissions like no other alternative. In fact, it’s the only transportation fuel that has a carbon negative intensity rating,” said Andrew Littlefair, President and CEO, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. “The legislation introduced by Congresswoman Sanchez and Congressman Fitzpatrick is a great example of a bipartisan effort that will speed up the adoption of RNG and gives the transportation and agriculture industries the added incentive to invest in this remarkable fuel.”

“WM supports this thoughtful approach to investing in vehicles and trucking fleets running on Renewable Natural Gas,” said John Skoutelas, Vice President of Government Affairs & Legal, WM (Waste Management). “WM is focused on working towards a more sustainable tomorrow through our action and investments to create a near-zero-emission fleet.  This piece of legislation is critical towards helping the heavy-duty vehicle sector shift away from diesel vehicles and transition to a cleaner greener future.”

Moving US Forward members include:

  • American Biogas Council 
  • American Farm Bureau Federation 
  • American Trucking Association  
  • ANGI Energy  
  • California Dairies 
  • Clean Energy Fuels 
  • Contract Transport Services 
  • Demi 
  • Hexagon Agility 
  • Natural Gas Vehicles for America 
  • National Milk Producers Federation
  • OPAL Fuels  
  • Tulsa Gas Technologies 
  • UPS 
  • WM

About Moving US Forward

Moving US Forward is a coalition of diverse partners striving to promote affordable, clean and sustainable energy while protecting and advancing America’s domestic workforce. Visit us at

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