Newport Beach, CA – September 22, 2022 – Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE), the largest provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market, today celebrated 25 years as a business and 15 years traded on the NASDAQ (Nasdaq) stock exchange. In honor of the occasion Andrew J. Littlefair, Clean Energy President and CEO, and the company’s board of directors rang the NASDAQ closing bell in Times Square.

“We’ve come a long way since Boone Pickens and I founded the company. He would be proud to see our vision of widespread adoption of clean alternative transportation fuel come to fruition,” said Littlefair. “After 25 years, Clean Energy continues to lead the way to cleaner skies and battling climate change with our renewable natural gas, a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste, offering for thousands of large vehicle fleets from city buses to heavy-duty trucks.”

Renewable natural gas, or RNG, is derived from organic material found in green waste, food waste, landfills, sewage treatment, and livestock manure. These organic wastes naturally decompose into methane. Methane that leaks into the atmosphere is a potent short-lived climate pollutant and greenhouse gas. Rather than releasing into the atmosphere, methane is captured and converted into RNG.

“With carbon reduction up to 300 percent, RNG is the essence of renewable energy,” said Littlefair. “It presents enormous potential in sustainable transportation, so we’re continuing to focus on a pathway to grow both the production and distribution of this negative carbon intensity fuel.”

About Clean Energy 

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the country’s largest provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market. Our mission is to decarbonize transportation through the development and delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG), a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste. Clean Energy allows thousands of vehicles, from airport shuttles to city buses to waste and heavy-duty trucks, to reduce their amount of climate-harming greenhouse gas. We operate a vast network of fueling stations across the U.S. and Canada. Visit and follow @ce_renewables on Twitter.

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