Rugged And Sturdy Under Pressure

The Fisher Valve Assembly is straightforward and requires less maintenance and less space than a standard priority panel.

Rugged and sturdy, the Fisher Valve Assembly is ideal for use on LNG high-pressure and flow control systems. The package offers safety and convenience along with remote base monitoring, control and reporting.


  • Simple design requires less space and maintenance
  • Code-compliant, reliable, and resilient design
  • Remote features allow constant monitoring and control


  • Features remote base monitoring of pressures up / down stream of the valve, the valve position, and reporting
  • Functions similar to a multi-valve priority panel with less maintenance and space
  • Overall Dimensions(Standard Dual Pump System): 6’-8” X 5’-5” X 1’-5”
  • Weight of Assembly: 350 lbs
  • Piping Design Code: ASME B31.3 (Latest Edition)
  • MAWP: 5,500 PSI @ 100°F
  • Design Temperature: -20°F to +100°F
  • Fisher Valve: Fisher Valve 1″ Pneumatic C1 (Model: D 657 Size 34 F/O ACT.)