LNG Offload Pump Skid

Rapid LNG fueling

Efficient, safe, and reliable LNG offloading is key to your operations. Our skid-mounted pump assembly has a semi-automated design (with manual options) with a flowrate of 150 LNG gpm, offloading a standard 10,000-gallon tanker in about 1.5 hours. The assembly utilizes the dispense pump for offloading; only one interchangeable spare pump would be required.

The LNG Offload Pump Skid is equipped with vacuum-jacketed, ASME-certified pump reservoirs and includes all control valves, pressure relief valves, pressure transmitters, vacuum-jacketed process piping, and a temperature transmitter. The ACD pump is housed within an ASME pressure vessel, and the piping system is fabricated primarily of stainless steel components, designed to ASME B31.3 standards.

  • Fast and safe transfer of LNG fuel
  • Industry standard 3” Brass CGA fitting for offload connection
  • Equipped with (1) Vacuum Jacketed, ASME Certified Pump Reservoirs
  • Each reservoir houses a 25 HP LNG Pump, ACD Model: TC-34 KA
  • MAWP of Pump Reservoirs: 275 psi
  • Designed Temperature Range: -320°F to 100°F
  • Designed Flowrate: 150 LNG gpm
  • Piping system is fabricated of stainless steel components and designed to ASME B31.3 standards
  • General Dimensions: 5’-4” X 4’-0” X 5’-10”
  • Approximate skid weight: 1,500 lb
  • Manual / semi-automated design to offload a standard 10,000 gallon tanker in approximately 1.5 hours


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