NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – July 16, 2014 – Clean Energy Fuels Corp., (NASDAQ: CLNE) today opened its Albuquerque, N.M., and Winslow, Ariz., America’s Natural Gas Highway stations to fuel additional heavy-duty CNG trucks deployed by Seaboard Transport. Clean Energy also opened the first-of-its-kind natural gas fueling station with NG Advantage, L.L.C., to serve manufacturing facilities and other large, energy-intensive customers who do not have access to the region’s natural gas pipeline.

Seaboard Transport Deploys 58 Heavy-duty CNG Trucks Fueling with Clean Energy in Nine States

  • Under the fueling agreement, Clean Energy will open its Albuquerque, N.M., and Winslow, Ariz., America’s Natural Gas Highway stations. Additionally, Seaboard Transport will fuel at Clean Energy’s public natural gas station network in Calif., Ariz., N.M., Colo., Texas, Ill., Ind., Ohio and Va. Natural gas fueling for heavy-duty trucks is now possible from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, Calif.
  • The fleet will haul food goods for Seaboard Foods to customers and ports throughout the United States.
  • Once fully-deployed, the fleet is forecasted to consume approximately 892,000 diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs) annually. This represents a greenhouse gas reduction of approximately 2,067 metric tons.

“Thanks to our fueling agreement with Clean Energy and their commitment to CNG stations along I-40, our first CNG-powered truck recently crossed into California originating from our Oklahoma processing plant. Now we have a gateway to the West for our CNG fleet,” says Gary Ruettgers, Seaboard Transport operations manager.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Awards Clean Energy $3.6 Million to Expand Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure in Texas

  • Clean Energy was awarded nine grants totaling $3.6 million for station construction and natural gas fueling infrastructure development.
  • TCEQ grant funds underscore the significance Texas has placed on the continued growth of the Lone Star State’s natural gas fueling infrastructure.

Clean Energy Opens First-of-its-Kind Station with NG Advantage to Bring Natural Gas to Manufacturing and Other Energy-intensive Users Beyond a Natural Gas Pipeline

  • This unique CNG station in Pembroke, N.H., located at 10 Cooperative Way, Pembroke, NH is expected to provide a minimum of 10-million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs) of CNG per year to NG Advantage and fleet vehicles fueling at the station.
  • The CNG will be delivered to NG Advantage customers by a “virtual pipeline” consisting of a fleet of high-tech tractor trailers. The volume of CNG supplied by this station is forecasted to be approximately double the CNG fuel volume currently supplied by Clean Energy’s highest-volume CNG station.
  • As previously announced, NG Advantage and Clean Energy signed a 10-year fueling agreement to help expand NG Advantage’s reach to American manufacturers and other large institutions who do not have access to the nation’s natural gas pipeline.
  • By using natural gas, NG Advantage’s customers are expected to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by up to 26 percent while cutting fuel costs by over 30 percent as compared to propane or oil alternatives.

“We saw a clear opportunity to serve energy-intensive customers such as hospitals, educational institutions and manufacturing facilities with a cleaner and less-expensive fuel,” said Tom Evslin, Founder and CEO of NG Advantage. “The competitive advantage natural gas fuel brings to our customers is apparent. Our business is growing, and working with Clean Energy ensures we have the most experienced counterpart at all steps of the natural gas fueling process.”

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