NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (August 6, 2013) — Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (Nasdaq: CLNE) today released an update to its ROAD TO NATURAL GAS report with select deal announcements of its growing portfolio of natural gas fuel customers. Clean Energy continues to lead the natural gas transition with recent deals in transit, trucking and now expands to manufacturing.

TRANSIT: LA Metro Signs 10=year Deal to Solidify Clean Energy as Their Exclusive CNG Fuel Partner for the Nation’s Largest Clean Air Fleet

  • LA Metro Board approved a 10Vyear compressed natural gas (CNG) station operation and maintenance contract with Clean Energy for four of LA Metro’s CNG bus fueling stations. With this award, Clean Energy will continue to operate and maintain all of the Agency’s 10 CNG bus fueling stations as well as an 11th station currently under construction by Clean Energy.
  • Clean Energy anticipates compressing approximately 15 million gallons of natural gas annually for the next 10 years to serve the four stations named in this contract. Additionally, Clean Energy expects to continue to compress approximately 21 million gallons of natural gas annually for LA Metro’s additional stations.

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TRUCKING: Fox Transportation Signs Clean Energy’s Largest Single Order and Deployment of Medium=Duty CNG Trucks for Delivery Services in the United States

  • Fox Transportation signs fueling agreement and plans deployment of over 100 CNG trucks over the next several months which will fuel at Clean Energy stations throughout Southern California.
  • Once fully deployed, the fleet is expected to consume approximately 600,000 dieselVgallonsVequivalent of CNG fuel per year.
  • Fleet is anticipated to make approximately 900,000 deliveries annually to hospitals throughout California, traveling over five million miles per year.

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MANUFACTURING: Clean Energy Signs First of its Kind Fuel Deal with NG Advantage to Bring Natural Gas to Manufacturing and Other Energy Intensive Users Beyond the Pipeline

  • Clean Energy Fuels and NG Advantage partner in 10Vyear deal to construct a new natural gas compression facility in central New Hampshire to expand reach to manufacturing and other energyVintensive customers not on a natural gas pipeline throughout New England and Eastern New York.
  • Operated by Clean Energy, the facility is intended to provide a minimum of 10V million gasolineVgallonsVequivalent of CNG per year. This potentially represents more than double the CNG fuel volume supplied by Clean Energy’s highest-volume CNG station.

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