• Whittlesea-Bell Transportation will deploy the following CNG vehicles: 92 Transit Connect taxis, 92 Dodge Caravans, 25 large shuttle buses and 20 stretched Cadillac Escalades, which will be the first of their kind.
  • These vehicles are forecasted to consume 1.3 million GGEs of CNG per year once fully deployed.
  • Clean Energy’s six public-access fueling stations in Las Vegas will support this growing CNG fleet.

“At Bell Trans we are committed to providing the best possible service to our discerning clients. We believe an integral element to our continued success is to make the transition to an all-natural gas fleet.”
— Brent Bell, president and CEO, Whittlesea-Bell Transportation

“With nearly 40 million visitors to Las Vegas last year, the City represents an important market for natural gas vehicles, specifically in the area of transit. Bell Trans is a recognized leader in transportation and the addition of natural gas stretched Escalades is not only exciting but pushes the existing boundary of luxury natural gas vehicles.”
— Derek Turbide, regional vice president, Clean Energy

Bell Trans is expected to use approximately 1.3 million GGEs of CNG per year which reduces greenhouse gases by 2,739 metric tons per year, the equivalent of taking 566 cars off the road per year.