• In 2006, Smithtown became the first community on the East Coast to require all residential refuse and recycling contractors to use natural gas powered trucks. As a result, four private collection contractors operating on behalf of Smithtown and the Town’s own municipal vehicle fleet began fueling with Clean Energy.
  • The 25 compressed natural gas vehicles serving Smithtown are expected to consume approximately 250,000 GGEs of CNG per year.

If Smithtown uses its expected 250,000 GGEs of CNG per year, it would reduce greenhouse gases by over 525 metric tons per year, the equivalent of taking 108 cars off the road per year if the fleet was fueled by gasoline or diesel.

“Smithtown has shown incredible leadership and an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability with their early decision to utilize compressed natural gas. We are excited to partner with them for the next seven years and the surrounding communities who have joined Smithtown in making the switch to natural gasfuel.”
— Peter Grace, senior vice president, sales and finance, Clean Energy

“In 2006, Smithtown saw the potential of natural gas in a way many other communities were still discovering. Making the switch to natural gas has proven to be a smart investment from both an economic and environmental perspective. We look forward to continuing a very successful relationship with Clean Energy.”
— Russell K. Barnett, environmental protection director, Smithtown, New York