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“The world has a trash problem. And the world has an emissions problem. Renewable natural gas, produced naturally from bio sources such as landfills and dairy farms, not only turns trash to gas, but it turns it into clean gas. Since RNG is supported by existing national infrastructure used to transport natural gas, it’s a winning solution that will help UPS to reach our ambitious sustainability goals. At the same time, we hope our unprecedented seven-year commitment serves as a catalyst for wider adoption of RNG by other companies.”

– Mike Casteel, UPS Director of Fleet Procurement

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Logo

“We’re very excited to partner with our provider Clean Energy to switch over to RNG. This will have a significant impact on our carbon footprint and is a major step toward achieving our sustainability goals.”

– B.J. Carpenter, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Sustainability Program Coordinator

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“When it comes to alternative fuel technology, there’s no better solution than natural gas trucks from a performance, emissions and cost benefit perspective. And when those trucks use RNG, it’s a game changer for the market,” said Dave Sikich, president, Atlas Disposal. “Being good stewards of the environment was one of the pillars on which Atlas Disposal was founded, so we are proud of our commitment to be a 100% RNG company across all our fleet operations. RNG is the best low-carbon solution for companies like ours.”

– Dave Sikich, president, Atlas Disposal


“Our company switched to RNG trucks to help our customers, who are major retailers and shippers, achieve their sustainability goals,” said Vic LaRosa, CEO of Total Transportation Services. “We believe in doing our part as a trucking company to help the environment by operating the cleanest trucks on the market.”

– Vic LaRosa, CEO of Total Transportation Services

Pan Anchor Transportation Logo

“Here at Pac Anchor, we’re committed to finding innovative solutions for lowering our carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the communities we serve,” said Alfredo Barajas, president of Pac Anchor Transportation. “We are firm believers in sustainability: providing the cleanest technology while safeguarding the livelihood of our employees. That’s why we chose RNG trucks, a tried-and-true technology that helps us deliver results in real time for our communities and clients.”

– Alfredo Barajas, president, Pac Anchor Transportation

New York Department of Transportation Logo

“Natural gas trucks, particularly ones fueled by renewable natural gas, have a tremendously low carbon footprint, which is important for communities disproportionately affected by diesel emissions. The addition of this station now makes possible and plausible the transition of large portions of Hunts Point fleet industries to this cleaner, domestically produced fuel.”

– Nivardo Lopez, Bronx Borough Commissioner with the New York Department of Transportation

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