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“As the operator of one of the largest vocational fleets in the country, we are continually looking for sustainable business solutions, and committed to the reduction of fleet emissions. We continue to expand our fleet of clean-powered collection vehicles, and RNG is a seamless complement with additional environmental benefits.”

– Pete Keller, Republic Services Vice President of Recycling and Sustainability

Food Express, Inc Logo

“We’re pleased to work with Clean Energy on construction of a new fast fill station in Maywood, California,” said Food Express President Kevin Keeney. “Building a station that is dedicated to our fleet will provide more seamless access to ultra-low-carbon RNG and will further our company’s sustainable transportation goals.”

– Food Express President Kevin Keeney

Estes Logo

“Switching to trucks fueled with ultra-low carbon fuel is vital to improving air quality and fighting climate change in the regions that we serve. Clean Energy’s Zero Now program has enabled us to switch to cleaner fuel and engine technologies that make financial sense – so it’s a win on several levels.”

– Rob Estes, Estes Chief Executive Officer and President

Kenan Advantage Group Logo

“Clean Energy’s Zero Now is a win-win. It has provided us with an opportunity to bring the cost of a natural gas truck at parity with a diesel truck while offering a guaranteed fuel discount for five years.”

– Bruce Blaise, president and CEO, Kenan Advantage Group.

Linden Bulk Transportation LLC logo

“Natural gas powers more than 12 million vehicles on the road today – and for good reason,” said Michael Salz, president, Linden Bulk Transportation. “Companies like Odyssey use natural gas tractors to reduce smog-forming emissions and pollutants and better align with carbon footprint and sustainability goals.”

– Michael Salz, president, Linden Bulk Transportation

NGVi Logo

“Clean Energy’s foresight to recognize the value of comprehensive training and ongoing technical support for heavy-duty NGV customers will significantly increase overall customer satisfaction with NGV technology. TouchPoint has the potential to revolutionize market expansion for natural gas vehicles.”

– Annalloyd Thomason, Vice President NGVi