City of Kansas City Logo

“The City of Kansas City has a long history of green initiatives and we remain committed to deploying alternative fuel vehicles when it makes economic and environmental sense for the community. In many of our vocational and public service applications, compressed natural gas allows us to meet both of those requirements.”

– Dan Williams, City of Kansas City Fleet Asset Manager

Los Angeles County Sanitation District Logo

“LACSD and the solid waste collection customers that we serve were early adopters in switching to the use of clean fuels,” said Robert Asgian, head of the LACSD Solid Waste Department. “We are happy to have an upgraded facility to support more clean vehicles and glad to have Clean Energy as a partner on this project.”

– Robert Asgian, head of the LACSD Solid Waste Department

Heavy Duty Trucking Logo

“It’s here now, it works, and it’s already near-zero, in some cases sub-zero. And the technology is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the alternatives.”

– Heavy Duty Trucking, October 2020 Issue

DeKalb County Georgia Logo

“Dekalb County started with a simple idea to convert methane into usable natural gas, and it turned the idea into an economic winner that increased the efficiency and productivity of their operations. By using natural gas, it learned that it could save money by reducing its dependency on diesel and by lowering maintenance requirements, while also reducing noise pollution and eliminating harmful emissions from the air in its community.”

– Dekalb County Case Study: “Dekalb County Transitions to Natural Gas for Economic Advantage,” Agility Fuel Solutions

“Our adoption of RNG has helped cut emissions by more than 70% over the last 5 years, and aligns with our goal of transitioning to a clean energy fleet by 2030, as well as the City of Santa Monica’s plans for carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Ed King, Director of Santa Monica Department of Transportation