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Virtual Pipelines 201: Applications, Cases & Feasibility


CNG Power & Heat Applications and Opportunities Beyond the Pipeline

Feb 26, 2015

Duration: 1 hr

Event Outline:

Join David VanLaar, Lead Engineer, IMW Industries for an Overview of Industrial CNG Applications Beyond the Pipeline.



What You’ll Learn

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  • Overview of virtual pipeline technology – full-fill and maximum offload for improved ROI
  • Transportation and tanking options
  • Offload, pressure reduction and storage or direct use
  • Preliminary ROI & Feasibility Calculations – Several Illustrations Included

Who Should Watch:

  • Consulting Engineers
  • Sustainability experts
  • Operations and Finance

Jeff-Ricketts-Director-of-CNG-LNG-Station-Construction-bw-100-86Your Speaker: 

David VanLaar
Manager Product Solutions Group & Engineering
IMW Industries

Mr. VanLaar has been instrumental in overseeing several R&D developments at IMW including critical aspects in development of non-lubricated compression and recent developments with bulk natural gas transport and strategies to decrease waste with full fill and full-offload technologies.

David is a Professional Engineer and graduate of the University of British Columbia.

Sam GoldenbergYour Clean Energy Compression Host: 

Sam Goldenberg
Director of Sales, MEA, APAC
Clean Energy Compression


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