Don't Throw Away This Chance

  • Make Your
    Community Cleaner & Quieter
    Reduce carbon emissions and noise with quiet natural gas engines while improving local air quality
  • Meet Sustainability GoalsMeet and surpass local and regional green standards
  • Quieter Trash Pickup Be inconspicuous yet indispensable in the community
  • Control Operating Costs
    Stabilize spending on fuel, maintenance and labor
  • Efficient Fueling Operations Overnight time-fill (aka slow-fill) fueling and fast-fueling public fueling station options
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Find out about the evolution of refuse fleets (both big & small) that have been benefiting their local communities with a cleaner environment by fueling with Clean Energy natural gas for over 20 years.

Your Partner
for the Future

The pressure to keep your community clean and manage budgets can be daunting. Transitioning your refuse fleets to fuel with natural gas is an easy way to clean up the environment, win community support and control costs. Clean Energy is already serving cities and solid waste agencies across North America which are enjoying the benefits of natural gas.

Let Clean Energy’s full-service, in-house team of financing, engineering, construction, operations, and customer service specialists guide you through your transition to natural gas. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to create the most cost-efficient fueling solutions while tailoring them to your business’ needs and budget.

Call Clean Energy today to position your refuse fleet as a leader in the cleaner fuel movement that’s changing the world. It’s easier than you think.

Let us be your partner for natural gas fueling solutions. We’re pioneers in the natural gas industry, playing key roles in developing most of the technology and products used today. Our experience in virtually every transportation industry allows us to create customized solutions for every fleet. With the most robust network of fueling stations and support technicians across North America, we’re ready to support your fleet when and where you need us.

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