What is Natural Gas?

Found in reservoirs deep below the earth's surface and ocean floors, as well as in landfills and other waste sources, natural gas is formed by the decaying of organic matter.

Natural gas reserves come from large quantities of plant and animal remains that have accumulated between layers of sediment on the bottoms of lakes and oceans over millions of years.

The pressure from the layers of sediment and the heat from the earth's core convert the organic materials into natural gas.


Natural Gas Fuels the Transportation Industry

With a growing number of clean fuel alternatives for vehicles today, natural gas is the best for powering the transportation industry. Our fueling solutions are powering vehicles nationwide today and the number of new natural gas vehicles (NGVs) is growing each year.


The Clean Energy Solution

As the largest domestic distributor of natural gas fuel in North America, Clean Energy is proudly fueling our partners fleets, reducing our dependency on foreign oil, and providing solutions that are cleaner and make the American economy even stronger.

There are over 130,000 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) on the North American road today and more than 15.2 million worldwide. Clean, cost-efficient and abundant, natural gas is the smart choice for the transportation. And no one offers America's fleets more comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions than Clean Energy.

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is methane stored under high pressure in a gaseous form, making it lighter than air. It is safer than gasoline and diesel because it's nontoxic, and disperses quickly. CNG is used for light, medium and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs). CNG is also transported in tractor trailers and is being used as a substitute for heating oil and other dirty, more expensive fuels at industrial and other energy-intensive locations that are not on a pipeline network.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is methane cryogenically cooled to a liquid form, reducing its volume for ease in storage and transport. LNG provides fleet managers with the ability to store more fuel with less tank weight, thus creating an efficient and cost-saving fueling solution for heavy-duty trucking, marine, and rail fleets.

Redeem is biogas or biomethane, a renewable natural gas and America's first transportation fuel made entirely from organic waste. It is available for distribution as either CNG or LNG. Redeem is up to 70% cleaner than gasoline and diesel, cost-efficient, and domestically available, making it a smart and easy choice for natural gas vehicle fleets including transit buses and refuse and heavy-duty trucks.