SINGLE CNG/LNG PUMP SKID Simplicity At Its Finest

Our Single CNG/LNG Pump assembly is designed for integration with our standard LNG skid for simple installation and reliable pump priming. And it can easily expand to a dual CNG/LNG pump system in the future.

  • Expertly designed and manufactured
  • Easy integration and future expansion
  • Piping system: primarily stainless steel components (ASME B31.3 standards)
  • General Dimensions: 3’-9” X 7’-6” X 4’-11”
  • Approximate skid weight: 2,600 lb
  • Designed with control logic to minimize pump cool down times and maximize LCNG pump life
  • LCNG Pumps are directly fed at 40 LNG gpm by the LNG pump skid
  • Equipped with LCNG Pump Model: ACD and 2-SGV, Model: 64475-1 and 75 HP Electric Motor, 460 V, 3Ø, 60 Hz
  • MAWP: 5500 psi
  • Designed Temperature Range: -320°F to 100°F
  • Designed Flowrate: 15 LNG gpm, 1235 scfm@0psi saturation pressure
  • Piping system is fabricated of stainless steel components and designed to ASME B31.3 standards
  • LCNG Pumps are directly fed at 40 LNG gpm by the LNG pump skid
  • Designed to easily expand to a dual LCNG pump system
  • Includes:
    • Inlet Temperature Transmitter
    • Discharge Pressure Transmitter
    • Oil Pressure Transmitter
    • Oil Reservoir Site Glass

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