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Design and Build Your Own Natural Gas Station

We offer complete station integration services. We design, build, and commission your fueling stations and facilities.


For over 20 years, we have engineered, fabricated, built and maintained natural gas fueling stations across North America. In fact, nearly 70% of all the LNG stations in the United States were built by Clean Energy companies. This extensive experience and expertise means we know what it takes to transition your fleet to natural gas and how to develop a scalable station designed to suit your fleet’s needs, both now and into the future.

We provide consulting, design, construction, and commissioning services for fueling stations. We also manufacture the core equipment that goes into our fueling systems. From site analysis and customized station design to modifying natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities, our in-house suite of services is unmatched in the industry.

Station Types

We build both private and public, time-fill (aka slow) and fast-fill fueling stations, serving all types of Clean Energy Natural Gas: CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and LNG / CNG (combined Liquefied & Compressed Natural Gas).

Which station is right for your fleet size and location? Learn more by selecting a station type below.


Compressed Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied to your station from a local utility pipeline, the same way gas is drawn into homes for residential use. The gas is then compressed onsite and dispensed as fuel directly into the vehicles.

Components of a CNG Station

Components of a CNG Station

Fast-fill and time-fill (slow or overnight-fill) dispensers offer numerous benefits including reducing equipment capital, lowering operating and labor costs and increasing station efficiency with point of sale features to accommodate numerous credit or fleet fuel payment cards.

Safe-Fill™ technology — Clean Energy’s advanced patented leak detection system uses a combination of sensors and control valves to monitor time-fuel CNG systems to automatically alarm and shut down a station if a leak is detected.

The Safe-Fill™ system is another Clean Energy innovation that continues to move the industry forward, with customer needs and security at the forefront.

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Liquified Natural Gas

LNG is delivered to your station site via trailer, just like gasoline and diesel fuel. There is no compression process; the delivered fuel is stored in onsite super-insulated tanks and is ready for dispensing.

The main components of an LNG station are:

Main Components of an LNG Station

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CNG & LNG Combined

Compressed Natural Gas

This dual-purpose fueling station option is used by our clients when there is insufficient natural gas or electrical power.

This system incorporates the base components of the LNG station with the below additional CNG components to deliver both CNG & LNG fueling capabilities.

CNG & LNG Combined Compressed Natural Gas

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Keep up-to-date with the latest in Clean Energy natural gas fueling news Subscribe today

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