All stations are monitored by our highly trained technicians. By choosing Clean Energy, you enter into a partnership with an expert team of professionals who are dedicated to keeping your station running optimally.

Our full-service partnership provides you with complete station and equipment management, including remote, round-the-clock monitoring; regular safety and quality inspections; preventative maintenance; and timely, expert repair.

Got a question? Our support team is here for you, 24 hours a day. You won’t need to be a natural gas expert; instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our dedicated team of specialists is available to answer all your questions, at any time.

  • Partners You Can Trust

    Services performed by GPS monitored & factory trained Clean Energy Service Technicians, not outsourced labor

  • You're Never Alone

    Available 24/7 onsite response & remote monitoring

  • Nationwide Network

    Technicians and fully stocked warehouses ready to support your business

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Service Packages to Fit Your Needs

We’ll create a tailored service package to address your concerns and needs.

  Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
Routine Inspection X X  
Routine Station MaintenanceAll routine maintenance, materials, warranty parts & labor X    
Non-Routine/Emergency CallsAll parts (warranty & non-warranty) & labor X * Price = Time+Materials * Price = Time+Materials
Major Part(s) Overhaul/ReplacementAll parts & labor X * Price = Time+Materials * Price = Time+Materials
Monthly ReportsElectronic station maintenance reporting X X  
Monitoring & AlertsClean Energy station monitoring & technician deployment X Optional Cost  
Onsite Technician Response Time Guarantee X    
Pricing Structure* Charged per Gallon Charged for Monthly Fee + Labor & Parts  
*Pricing based on customer’s station equipment makeup (compressor type, age, number of dispensers, etc.) and technician distance from site **As needed service will vary on availability depending on location of Clean Energy service technicians and station equipment makeup
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