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A comprehensive customer care program for NGV Fleets

Clean Energy’s TouchPoint program is designed to make the operational transition from diesel to natural gas vehicles as easy and seamless as possible.

We’ve partnered with the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi)© to develop a comprehensive customer care program for fleet managers, supervisors and technicians that includes a solid training platform and ensures all details are properly coordinated for a successful vehicle launch and beyond.

Additionally, the partnership team will continue to serve as an ongoing resource throughout the year, checking in along the way about vehicle maintenance and performance to answer questions and reinforce best practices.

Download the Touchpoint brochure here for additional information.

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A comprehensive customer care program for NGV fleets

Man with Helmet Maintenance Management Orientation
Wrench Heavy Duty Technician Training
Truck New Vehicle Launch
Checkup Monthly Check-ins
Maintenance Lift Initial Maintenance Interval Support
Calendar Six-Month Performance Assessment
Checklist Annual Maintenance Review

Maintenance Management Orientation

We begin by assembling appropriate fleet management and dealer team members to introduce the characteristics of natural gas engines, including maintenance requirements. We will also seek commitment to the maintenance practices by the appropriate management members and assure them that the details will be reinforced during our comprehensive technician training.

Heavy Duty Technician Training

We will deliver a comprehensive technician program, which includes customized versions of NGV Essentials and Safety Practices as well as Heavy-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics training.

New Vehicle Launch

We will coordinate all details of the vehicle launch, including schedule, participants, channel partners and other important details.

Monthly Check-ins

As time progresses with heavy-duty trucks in your fleet, questions will naturally arise from your technicians and management. To answer these questions, we’ll conduct monthly check-ins to keep the lines of communication open about vehicle performance, maintenance best practices and any other key items.

Initial Maintenance Interval Support

Prior to the first oil change and valve adjustment interval, we’ll schedule a meeting to answer questions and discuss any concerns to date and also to reinforce the need for and commitment to the initial oil change and valve adjustment.

Six-Month Performance Assessment

After the trucks have been in your fleet for approximately six months, we’ll conduct follow-up meetings with your team, as well as service management and technicians, to collect feedback to date, identify issues to address and gain an overall evaluation of the vehicles from a maintenance perspective.

Annual Maintenance Review

One year into the process, we will conduct a follow-up meeting to discuss fleet satisfaction with its NGVs, determine any maintenance or performance issues that are outstanding and address any remaining items your team may have.

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